We are the first-stop in your help seeking process; our staff will help where we can. When we can't, we will connect you to appropriate and relevant resources.

You can
contact us via telephone, mail or fax; or walk -in if they have any queries on matters such as relationships, employment, finance, health or other issues and they would be provided with information and/or be referred to the relevant community resources.
Our team of social work practitioners help individuals and families with their concerns using a systemic approach that enhances the person, enriches their family relationship and embraces the support from the community.
Group Work
Group Work focusing on practical and relevant topics that resonates with the community’s needs and characteristics. It is another mean our team uses to create empowering experiences for participants to grow and to cope more effectively with their situation.
Community Work
Every community is unique and ours is no exception. While we celebrate our successes together, we also work together to co-create the solutions to the challenges within our community. Through different programs and platforms we serves to outreach to residents and community partners to encourage constant dialogue, link resources, raise awareness and ownership so that we can all be part of a community that cares and supports each another.
The Learning Centre programme was set up in year 1992 to help children from low-income families between K2 and P3 in mainstream school with learning difficulties.

Students attends an intensive two-year “1-to-1” intervention English Remedial programme. Twice weekly, students attends 1 hour lessons that are customised according to the individual needs, progress is tracked by an external psychologist every 6 months. Students also develop their life skills through workshops and outing.

English Holiday Camps are conducted twice a year during the school holidays. Spanning 5 days, students learn phonics, grammar and sentence construction.

kidsREAD CLUB is a reading and activity-based programme initiated by the National Library Board, to promote the love of reading and cultivate good reading habits among young Singaporeans. Our FSC has been a partner of the programme since the beginning. We specifically reach out to kindergarten –aged children from low-income families with little exposure to English, the programme runs every Tuesday, and covers simple phonics and words through 75 minutes of reading and fun group activities.

You can contact Ms Joei Hum (Programme Manager) if you have any queries on programmes at the Learning Centre.
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