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Specialist Teams

Specialist Teams are set up to broaden and deepen the skills and capabilities of the workers across both KKFSC and WFSC, so that they can further enhance and provide in-depth services to different clientele groups. Our Specialist Teams are:

Elderly Services

The Elderly Services Team, together with our community partners and stakeholders, look out for the senior residents in our community. Through this multi-pronged effort, the team aims to provide holistic care and case management for seniors who are living with their families, or are cardboard collectors earning a living; or have other presenting issues such as hoarding and/or suffering from elderly abuse. The team ensures that these seniors are cared for and referred to appropriate services, if necessary, to ensure that they are kept safe physically and their emotional and mental wellbeing properly looked after.

Family Violence

The Family Violence team was set up to look at violence in the family and ways we can identify, assess, support clients/families to work through their issues. The team provides training especially to the intake and younger workers. We also invite external trainers who are experienced in this field to equip our staff with specific topics eg working with men. Programmes are also planned for clients through workshops or support groups for preventive or remedial purposes.


The FAMWORKS team is branched out into the Parent and the Children team. The Parent team focuses on supporting our workers and providing resources for them in working with parents with young children up to six years of age. The Children team focuses on and provides counselling for children in our community, who have had experienced traumatic episodes that have impacted them.  The Children team also builds up and shares resources with fellow colleagues on ways to support parents/caregivers, whose children are impacted by such traumatic episodes.

Mental Health

The Mental Health team was set up in February 2018 to further advance our workers in the area of mental health. The team organises regular in-house training and bi-annual peer sharing sessions with the aim of developing the competency and capabilities of the workers, as well as ensuring the workers are well supported through as they provide assistance to clients with mental health issues. The team also actively collaborates with stakeholders to enhance services for clients with mental health concerns and strives to, where opportunities and resources permit, develop programmes for the betterment of these clients.


With greater awareness of palliative care, an increasing number of people are now choosing to spend quality time with their love ones and living their last days in the community. Drawing from this development, KKCS embarked on a new initiative to journey with clients who are on palliative care and living in the community. In WELL, the team aims to:


Wellness in the Community

Provide emotional and practical support to enable clients on palliative care to continue living in the community for as long as possible.


Enable community resources to support them

Coordinate with partners and consolidate community resources to help clients manage with their physical, medical, legal, emotional and psychological needs to live well in their last days.


Live to finish the unfinished

Assist clients in their final journey to fulfil their wishes, hopes as well as legal matters so that they can leave the world with lesser regrets.


Legacy work

Encourage clients to share their stories, which serve as a form of therapy as they look back on their lives, and also to create a lasting memory for family, friends and caregivers.